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About Us


Our Philosophy

PROXIGO SAS was created to distribute raw materials, petroleum or bio-based products in Western Europe and North Africa.

Our team has around thirty years of experience selling base oils and process oils in a large number of applications, like lubricants, rubbers, thermoplastic elastomers, hot-melt adhesives, insulating transformer oils and other applications in the chemical industry.

We created PROXIGO SAS in order to bring our clients and partners innovating and personalized solutions, which will allow them to ensure the continuity of their operations at the best rate possible.

We strive to develop long term solutions suitable and optimized for all our customers, based on an in-depth knowledge of their technical, economical and logistical requirements.

specialty lubricant

Our Values

  • Service and reactivity
  • Adaptability to our customer's needs
  • Long term approach
  • Safety
  • Integrity
specialty lubricants

Our Offer

  • Mineral base and process oils (Group I, II, III, naphthenics)
  • Bio-based process oils
  • Biodegradable insulating oils
  • Chemicals for the lubricant and grease industry
  • Specialty lubricants

Health and Safety - REACH

We pay particular attention to compliance with Health and Safety rules for all our products.

All our products, substances or components of our preparations/mixtures are in compliance with the REACH regulations.

We believe in considering and respecting people, we ensure that our team works in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.

We strive to preserve our environment.

specialty lubricants
lubrifiants speciaux
lubrifiants spéciaux


As a responsible and law-abiding player in the lubricants industry, PROXIGO SAS is a member of CYCLEVIA, the French eco-organization in charge of the REP for the lubricants industry.

The REP ("Responsabilité Élargie du Producteur", which means Extended Producer Responsibility) is a specification defined by the French government. The main purpose is to collect waste oils and improve their integration into the circular economy.

For more information, please visit www.cyclevia.com.

specialty lubricant

Logistic and Distribution

We select the right supply chain to best serve you.

We deliver in liquid bulk, drums and IBCs.

We use tank trucks and multimodal transports to ship our products.

We attach great importance on offering state of the art quality service and respecting our commitments.