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Biodegradable or Biosourced Products

We work to replace petroleum products with natural or sustainable materials.

Whenever possible, we use products that are biosourced, biodegradable or come from environmentally friendly processes.

In Europe, the Ecolabel is the official European label for more environmentally friendly products.

huiles transfo
huiles transfo

Biodegradable Esters

There are many types of esters. They may be of plant or animal origin, or manufactured by chemical synthesis.

There are two types of esters: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated esters are generally more stable at oxidation.

The properties of esters vary according to their chemical composition.

Many esters are biodegradable. They can replace mineral oils in lubricants.

huiles dielectriques

Vegetable oils

The properties of vegetable oils depend on their plant of origin. The most common oils used in the industry are:

  • rapeseed oil
  • soybean oil
  • sunflower oil
  • palm oil
huiles dielectriques