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Envirotemp® 360

Envirotemp® 360 Fluid

Packaging Net weight Price (excl. taxes - delivered in France, Corsica excluded) Quantity
IBC 910 kg 6 430.00 €
Drum 185 kg 1 480.00 €

* For any delivery outside of France, please send us a quote request.

Insulating biodegradable high fire point synthetic ester fluid as defined in IEC 61099 (2010).

Ideally suited for use in free-breathing transformers and other applications like switchgears, Envirotemp 360 synthetic ester fluid provides excellent fire safety and robust performance, even in extreme conditions.

PROXIGO SAS distributes Cargill's biodegradable and fire safe dielectric fluids in France.
FR3® and Cargill® brand and logo are trademarks of Cargill, Incorporated.


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