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Cargill FR3® Fluid

Packaging Net weight Price (excl. taxes - delivered in France, Corsica excluded) Quantity
IBC 920 kg 5 980.00 €
Drum 185 kg 1 390.00 €

* For any delivery outside of France, please send us a quote request.

Insulating biodegradable high fire point vegetable ester fluid as defined in IEC 62770 (2013).

For more than twenty years, FR3 fluid by Cargill® has outperformed mineral oil in distribution and power generation transformers of all voltage classes worldwide. Derived from 100% renewable vegetable oil, FR3 fluid is the smartest choice ‒ you won't compromise between generating business profit, enabling flexible and reliable performance, serving people in your community and benefiting the planet.

Compared to mineral oil, tested and validated FR3 fluid delivers cost efficiencies and business value through:
  • Enhanced load capacity and grid resiliency
  • Enhanced performance, including in extreme environments
  • Extended asset and insulation life
  • Significantly improved fire safety
  • Superior environmental benefits
  • The power of Cargill
FR3 fluid in your transformers can deliver proven, concrete results:
  • 17% average NPV cost savings
  • 20% extended loading or load capacity
  • Up to 5 to 8 times longer insulation life
  • Up to 50% extended transformer life
  • 2 times the flash and fire point of mineral oil
  • 100% biodegradability in 10 days

PROXIGO SAS distributes Cargill's biodegradable and fire safe dielectric fluids in France.
FR3® and Cargill® brand and logo are trademarks of Cargill, Incorporated.


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