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Quality, Safety and Environment

Our success lies in upholding our commitments and in the trust our clients place in us.

True to its values, PROXIGO SAS pursues a continuous improvement process. As such, PROXIGO SAS has undertaken a process to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

The company's quality, safety and environment policy revolves around five commitments, which were developed according to the ISO standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 - last versions), as well as our vision of an efficient system:

  • Satisfy and secure loyalty: our clients' and partners' satisfaction is key: we focus on understanding their present and future needs in order to anticipate their expectations.
  • Improve ourselves: the continuous improvement of performances is our daily concern. It ensures the company's sustainability.
  • Preserve and protect: the employees' protection and the environment's preservation are critical to PROXIGO SAS.
  • Respect: the compliance with the regulation, the legal requirements and the existing standards guarantees our customers receive products on-spec products.
  • Sustain: providing our clients with the means and tools to guarantee on-spec products and sustain the activity.

To achieve this, PROXIGO SAS has decided to focus on the following Quality, Security and Environment axes:

  • Anticipate technological breaks and market disruptions
  • Integrate ourselves into a eco-responsible approach
  • Maintain and develop the current sales' revenue
  • Guarantee and anticipate the conformity with clients' requirements
  • Maintain and increase the clients' satisfaction level
  • Ensure an active competitive intelligence
  • Adapt the company to the market evolution
  • Ensure current regulations are followed